Funny Timing

Right after I posted about how well the truck is running it overheated.

Today I had an interview at 1pm so I decided to drive up to Republic for a good trail run. Well, on the hill before the trail the truck lost power and I pulled over. The temp gauge was very high and steam was pouring out. I let it cool, filled it all back up with water and managed to get it back to Keller. Surprisingly it didn’t have any cooling issues on the way home even though there’s an obvious leak on the top of the radiator.

I stopped at a little campground on the way back to eat my lunch with Chard. The truck wouldn’t start. I had to push start it real quick. Then about 5 miles from Keller I flipped my blower motor to high… my stereo restarted because of low voltage. I turned the blower motor off and decided to put a little more load on the electrical system so I turned my brights on as well as the blower motor. The engine lugged a little bit.

I’m going to replace the radiator, hoses, plug wires and plugs, and my alternator belt. Possibly the alternator as well. We’ll see how it runs after that.

I just hope I didn’t mess the head and head gasket up when it got pretty hot.

Truck Status and Chard

So the truck is running surprisingly well for being $500.

I still need to do an overall tuneup but it runs and drives great. It does burn a little bit of oil but most cars of it’s age do.  I managed to bend the passenger door back in a good amount using some ratchet straps and leaving it for a couple days.

I’ve purchased or have nearly everything I need for living out of my truck for the winter. I still have a little bit of organizing to do and figuring out how I really prefer things, but overall everything is just about purchased.

Things left would be random bits like a pad just in case I ever have to sleep in the bed of the truck, some more tools, super glue and duct tape. Those types of things. Really I think I might have too many things.

I’m still up in Keller for the Bridge Creek fire. I’ll be here for a while yet. It’s good money though.

I got an interview over hangouts with Aravaipa running to join their team as a part time crew member. I’m eager to work for them and I’m hoping it leads to a full time position pretty quickly. They’re in Arizona so I’d need to save up a good amount of money for rent before I went down there.

We’ll see how this turns out.

In Chard news he ate some edibles and got pretty stoned. I almost took him to the vet, most people probably would have. He was so stoned he was incontinent and pissing in the work trailer. He had a major hard time standing or getting around. He was twitching a bit and stumbling around; his balance was toast. I knew he’d be fine, he’s a 65 lb dog. So he slept it off. Even the next day, today, he was still a little off. I’m hoping this experience might teach him to stop eating random things he finds. We’ll see.

We haven’t quite been running the amount we should have. I think as of writing this it’s been 2 full days off from running, even that was just a short 3 mile speed workout. I need to do a better job on that.

Sherman Loop

So Chard and I drove something like 50 miles to go run Sherman Loop east of Republic, Washington. It was totally worth it.

Now onto the photos!

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