White Water Fire

On August 4th Chard and I left Corvallis for Hoodoo

Ski Lodge. We work clerical support for wildland firefighting. Since Chard is a service dog he can tag along. This is an exception and definitely not the norm. There’s a pretty hard line with animals at fire camp.

My job is basically to print Incident Action Plan(IAP) packets and plot maps. Plotting is large poster sized inkjet printing, up to 38 inches wide. What I print is used in daily briefings and it goes out on the line for crew leaders. I print Public Information maps, Operations maps, Briefing maps, Transportation maps, etc. I do about 150 to 250 IAPs and booklets a night, plus 200 or so plotted maps a night. Generally I’m printing from 9pm to 1 or 2 am. It’s a fun gig.

Because I don’t really start work until 4pm or so I have all day to explore. This works perfectly for Chard and I.

Now onto the photographs. These are on the way to Hoodoo. We stopped at Fernview Group Site on the Santiam River. The videos are snapchat exports.



After we got to Hoodoo we kept going out on the McKenzie River and the trail.



Then the next few days we went north from Hoodoo to explore the 8 lakes basin and surrounding area. Duffy, Mowich, and Santiam Lakes are definite must sees out there.



After a few days there we got sent up to Keller, Washington. These are from the drive up here.



These are after we got settled in.



That’s about it for now.

Big update coming

I’m currently in Keller, Washington on the Colville Reservation. I just got here 2 days ago from Hoodoo in Oregon. 

I’ve been working clerical support for wildland incident teams. 

Once I’m near more reliable internet with a real computer I’ll post a real update. 

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