2018 Race Schedule

So after being sick all of January and the first 12 days of February I decided to make some goals and set my race schedule. It should be a fun year.

February 17th and 18th – Hagg Double – 50k and 25k. Time: 9 hours.

March 17th – Alsea Spring Fling – 1/2 Marathon Time: 2 hours and 9 minutes. 24th overall.

April 28th & 29th – Tillamook Burn Double – 50k and 20 Miler Nope. Full.

May 5th – Lost Creek Trail Run 50k

May 12th – Mac 50k

June 10th – Run For The Hills – 30k

June 18th – Mt. Hood Scramble – 6ish miles

August 11th – Haulin’ Aspen Trail Marathon – Marathon

September 7th or 9th ??- Mckenzie River Trail Run – 31 Miles

October 13th – Hell of the Northwest – 1/2 Marathon

More events will be added, for sure.