Hardesty Trail

I recently got a Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal. It’s a pretty interesting device that allows for pretty much any modern smartphone or GoPro to be mounted in it.

What it does is stabilize the device that you mount in it. This produces smooth video footage while you’re moving.

I pair the gimbal with an app called Filmic Pro. Filmic Pro is a pretty useful app that integrates with the Smooth 4 very well.

The device I’m filming with, unfortunately, is my Samsung Galaxy S7. It does a decent job recording at 1080p and can only do 30fps because of a software limitation that doesn’t allow 3rd party apps to do 60fps recording. Thanks Samsung.

Zhiyun Smooth 4

I’ll be producing more quality content using this setup in the future. At the moment I’m learning how to properly edit footage.

One issue is my laptop’s power. It somewhat struggles editing footage and especially exporting it. I’ll be figuring out how to work around that.

The Smooth 4 case fits super well in my running pack, the Ultimate Direction Jurek pack, so it’s coming along with me for most of my runs. I’ll be filming a Table Mountain run tomorrow.

In the mean time below is an unedited video of Hardesty Trail in Forest Park, Portland, Oregon.