Long Time

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to give a quick update about what I’ve had going on. 2019 was an odd year and I’ll wrap that up in another post(this will be a very long entry. I’ll link it here when it’s done). In the mean time I’d just like to give a quick explanation of what 2020 hopefully has to offer.


Oregruns is an idea that I’ve been floating around for a while. It’s basically the idea that a loose group of athletes with the same idiotic spirit should form a group. These are folks who see ridiculous conditions on the forecast and think, “That looks fun.” These are folks who don’t bat an eye at PNW rain. These are folks who see snow and get a warm feeling. These are folks who always think, “Why not?”

On a side note, I had a middle school teacher who had a sticker in her classroom which read, “Some people look at things and think, “Why?” While others dream of things and think “Why not?” Thanks Brenda.

When I think of Oregon I think of what’s near the PNW. Oregon to me is the PNW. This includes some of BC, all of Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, Western Montana, and Northern California. Someone that grew up in Washington may have a similar idea of what defines Washington. To me they’re the same thing by another name. Some may call it Jefferson. Some may call it The Pacific Northwest.

So what else is going on for 2020?


So for the time being I’m working at Intel(Ronler Acres) in Hillsboro. I live just about 2 miles from work. I work condensed shifts in the D1X fabrication foundry. I’m not sure what to say about this work. It’s unique. It’s somewhat exciting because I’m a very important part of a dynamic and changing environment. I get to be a key player in what will influence technology in the future. What I am involved with will likely be in your desktop, laptop, or mobile device in the next few years.

Part of what makes Intel important to me is that they’re taking a chance with me. I’m very appreciative and can’t wait to influence the world in this way. This is very good paying and stable employment. They’re understanding and flexible. They understand that working to live is important.

Organ Donation

So I’ve decided to donate an organ. Well, rather, I decided a few years ago to donate an organ. The list never called me up to the big leagues. I was browsing Reddit back in August 2019, I think. I’d found a comment by a guy who was talking about organ donation. He clearly needed an organ but was reluctant to say it. He helped others with questions about the process. He was pressed to post his information and when he did I jumped on it. His comment was pretty quickly deleted. It’s been quite a few months, quite a few blood tests and pulmonary function tests(I have a history of asthma). I’ll know on January 20th if I’m approved to be his donor. My finances are covered by a very generous grant(Thank You). I’m excited to donate my extra kidney to Cliff in Michigan.


I want to expand my filming business by quite a bit this year. I want to attend more races. I want to setup a better storefront to access my media. My media is unique in that it’s a very raw and unique look at trail running. I film most folks in a way that other’s don’t. Runners connect with my product. I just need to get myself out there with a better storefront. I’m excited about this in 2020. I’ve just about setup all the backend stuff for this venture, so expect a big announcement soon.

Race Schedule

Oh man, my race schedule for 2020 isn’t what I expected. My big event is the 73 miler up at Bigfoot in August. This event will coincide with my birthday. I’ll get to see *trail* friends I haven’t seen in over a year. I couldn’t be more excited for this event.

Before that, though, I have a few other events to attend to. The Megafatass, some half marathons, some PDX Trail Series events, and a handful of other fun events are going to fill my calendar.

I also really hope to get my brother into longer distance running. This is somewhat important to me.

Expect a long post summarizing 2019 in the near future.