Truck Status and Work Status

Truck Status and Work Status

So, first my truck. My $500 truck.

I replaced the radiator with a new one. Tomorrow I’ll be replacing the plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor, belt, and oil filter. I’m also going to do the timing on my way back to Oregon.

Overall the truck is doing well. I don’t think I managed to damage the head or the head gasket when it over heated so I got off pretty lucky there.

And now my work status. I ordered a new laptop to do video editing and such. This will be the first real computer I’ve really ever had, serious. This is a big step forward in my goal to make trail videos. I believe that for now my galaxy s6 can make decent trail videos and I’m looking into a DJI Phone Gimble or possibly a DJI Osmo 4k. There’s a bit of a price difference. It’s the camera that Jamil Coury uses for Run Steep stuff.

I got a tent to supplement my hammock as well. I’ll need to buy a camping pad, although I’ll be getting a free air mattress from Matt here at camp.