Silver Falls 50k

This was a super fun event!

It started off pretty uneventful. My drive down there was pretty standard. I got up at 4am for a 7:30am start. I arrived with about a half hour to spare. My nerves seem to have kept me from emptying myself which lead to some issues during the race.

I started off decently well. I figure I was somewhere in the top 35 for the first 10 or so miles. I was feeling pretty good. My stomach issues started off around mile 10 judging by my Strava pace. In the first 15 miles it appears I stopped 3 times which matches. I had some mild calf cramping as well somewhere around mile 20 to 23. Some downhills shook that out and the rest of the race went pretty well.

I need to figure out my stomach issues with these early morning starts. I can definitely take quite a bit of time off this event next year.

Overall Time: 5:57:56
Overall Finish: 60 of 156
Age Finish: 9 of 17

Alsea Falls Hell of the Northwest 2018

This past weekend was the Hell of the Northwest Half Marathon up at Alsea Falls. I think I’ve run this course like 6 times in competition, probably a dozen or more total.

My goal time going into it was 1 hour and 38 minutes. I wound up doing 1 hour 46 minutes and some change. So about 8 minutes short of what I really wanted.

I placed 5th overall and 1st in my age group. Overall I’m happy with the event. I had two sections that I walked a little, both of them were the steepest parts of the course so I don’t think walking really slowed me down much. In fact I think it probably made me a bit faster once I started to run.

The last 2 miles are a strava segment called “Avoid the Roots”. I managed to get the course record on that. I’m pretty happy with that.

Clicking will take you to Strava.
My next event will be the Silver Falls 50k. This one takes place November 3rd so stay tuned for that. I’m super excited to go run 31 miles in this park. My friend Linds is running it as well.

Moab Trip

I got back to Portland on October 6th from Moab, Utah after about 16 hours of driving. It was a very fun trip. I was down there to course mark the Moab 240 course.

It took me about 20 hours to get down there because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. One thing I noticed is that Idaho has pretty good rest stops. I also got to see a helicopter doing pond loads and water drops. He was hauling too so it was pretty fun to witness.

The first day was pretty uneventful. Riley and I ran some errands, moved the trailer and went for a quick run into Arches National Park. This was the only “hot” day while I was there. It seemed like the Pacific Northwest weather followed me down there. Some monsoons from the Gulf of California rolled in and dumped a lot of moisture on the area including some snow(!!!!) in the La Sal mountains. It made for an interesting race but more on that later.


The sunsets in Moab are incredible.

Amassa to Hurrah Pass

Day two our job was to mark from Amassa to Hurrah Pass aid stations for about 15 miles of hiking. The team was made up of Riley, Jodi and Myself which made for a pretty solid team. The highlight of this section is Jackson Ladder and Jackson Hole. Jackson ladder is something else. Overall it was a pretty easy and mellow day.

Porcupine Rim to Finish

Day three I was with Garrett, Jodi and Filip for Porcupine Rim to the finish. This section is mostly a mountain biking trail and 4wd/off road trail. It made for a good variety of terrain. For a while we were hiking along a cliff. I ran the last 2 or 3 miles because I couldn’t help myself. The terrain was just too tempting. It was a combination of dirt and exposed rock in a very unique way. There were a lot of large semi-flat rocks with 3+ foot drops. We hiked along cliffs with caves as well.

The next 3 days were spent mobile with Garrett and Steph. By mobile I mean we were using Garrett’s Honda Element as base camp. Two of us would course mark while the third person was with the car, and Marvin, to provide support.

The Island to Bridger Jack

This day was Garrett and I. It went pretty fast and it was very uneventful. This section is just along a mesa over looking the valley. It’s beautiful but not particularly noteworthy. Garrett and I made good time and everything went well. No photos.

Bridger Jack to Shay Mountain

I decided to drive this day to let Steph get some miles in. The night at Bridger Jack was VERY eventful. We got hit by a storm. A very windy storm. We ate dinner and setup camp pretty early. I knew there would be some wind so I attempted to stake my tent down better then I normally do. I figured I was all set. I woke up at around 1am to ridiculous winds. The winds were whipping my tent cover around. The stake for my front door came out repeatedly. I blame this on a few things; my stake being bent and there just not being a lot of top soil. My solution was to grab my cooler and use that along with the stake. It worked out well. Along with the wind there was a lot of lightning. Every 30 seconds or so. I couldn’t really sleep but I didn’t mind. The storm was spectacular through the night. It stayed around until about 9am. We actually tried to make breakfast during a lull but it picked back up so we huddled in the element for about an hour. We were very low on water this morning. I also snapped what’s probably the best photo I’ll ever take which is displayed below. After the storm blew over Garret and Steph took off for Shay Mountain. While they marked the course Marvin and I just hungout where there was cell reception so I could play around.

I can’t ever top this. This was during a lull in the storm.

Shay Mountain to Dry Valley

Once again I chose to let Steph go on this section. We camped near Shay Mountain at an old cattle spot. It appeared to be pretty well used and we had some guests(cows) during the night. They were nice so it wasn’t a big deal. Marvin and I went back into Moab to resupply for Garret and Steph. I picked up ice, seltzer water and water. Then Marv and I waited at Dry Valley for them. Again, pretty uneventful.


The trip itself changed me. The size and scale of the area is just awe inspiring. I can’t even come close to describing how it makes me feel. I’m happy for the friends I made while there as well. I really wish I could have been there for the race, which is still going on as I type this, but I’ll take what I can get.

Next up I have the Alsea Half Marathon and I’ll post a recap of that.

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